Get Out

Yesterday I saw one of the greatest films I have seen in a while maybe even of all time. Get Out by Jordan Peele was interesting, comedic, scary, twisted, and psychologically mind blowing. I don’t want to go into details or give away any spoilers but her is the basic idea of the movie. A white woman and a black man are a couple and going up to the woman’s parents house in the woods. Chris feels some weird vibe due to the family having black servants and some of the racial comments made towards him. The next day the parents have a party with a bunch of rich white people and they secretly auction Chris off. The whole family is in on a scheme where they bring home black people and sell them and then transfer their brains into the black peoples body. That is all I will explain in order to not give away the ending. The whole movie is so racist it’s sickening but it was such a good movie. It was the first movie I’ve watched ever that has gotten a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Jordan Peele is a somewhat new director and I had only heard of him from Key and Peele. He is a genius. Although this is a little bit extreme and abstract he portrays racism as being scary. Which it is. This movie’s setting was not Alabama in the 50’s. This was in present day New York. So congrats Jordan Peele for making over 100 million dollars on a movie that only cost 5 million to make, receiving nearly perfect reviews, and creating a movie that portrays racism unlike any other way. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, why haven’t you??? 10/10 would recommend, Kennedy approved.
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Celebrity Activism

Hollywood is not too big of a fan of Donald Trump. We’ve seen this on social media, celebrities attending protests, and of course Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech. This seems ironic because before he was POTUS Donald Trump too was a Hollywood celebrity as host of The Apprentice. In the article we read this week by Gina Bellafante talked briefly of this and how instead of hurting Trump Hollywood put trump on a pedestal. Also it talked about some of the things Shia LaBeouf has been getting into. Like getting arrested for fighting for his political beliefs. Do celebrities take activism too far? When I think of celebrity activism I think of them donating millions to charity and adopting kids from all seven continents. Due to Trump being POTUS will all celebrities turn into Shia LaBeouf? Hopefully not, I think that Shia has anger issues and has been arrested multiple times for fighting. Only time will tell. I can’t picture Meryl Streep getting in a fist fight with a Trump supporter anytime soon but who knows what is to come in the future. As crazy as Shia may be I do appreciate his “He Will Not Divide Us” campaign.

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Reaction to Trump’s Education

Inspired by the New York Times

Tuesday February 7th a bunch of high schoolers from public schools in New York had a class room walkout to protest Betsy Devos. The protest was in Time Square and the high school students chanted, ” we love public school Betsy Devos is a fool.” For those of you who don’t know Betsy Devos is who Trump chose to be his secretary of education. Many people feel she is unprepared and unqualified to hold such an important role on the cabinet. Which based on the research I have done I don’t believe she is either. Mentioned in the newspaper article was that most kids in the U.S. know who Devos is but have no clue who Obama’s secretary of education is. What does this tell us? Does it maybe mean that kids are now only paying attention to someone in a position that affects their education because she is thought of to be corrupt.I mean I only knew that his Secretary of Education was Arne Duncan and that’s because I’m from a family full of teachers. I saw an article talking about 5 reasons why we should oppose Devos. The number one reason that we should not trust her is due to her lack of experience. She has never worked in, attended, or sent her children to a public school. She doesn’t appear to be a supporter of public school and has talked of wanting to donate money to conservative religious schools. She has ideas that will completely change the public school system. Also it is noted in several articles she wants to advance “God’s Kingdom” into public schools. I’m not really sure what that means but I think it has something to do with forcing religion into public schools. Which I don’t know why one would do that because that is the whole point of private schools, to promote religion. I think that the under Devos education will not change at all or change radically. The article talked about how private Catholic schools have significantly lower test schools than public. What will happen to these Private school kids when they go to college and aren’t as prepared as the public school kids. I feel like overtime we figure out whether Devos is incompetent or not.

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Trump Spelling

Deer, Mistar Precedent,

I feal that u as the precedent of the Unted State sould be abl to spll and right very good. The hole contry is conting on u 2 lead us and tach us.
The Whole Country

I found this article very amusing. I never thought about how spelling could effect something so much. If I am to tweet something that isn’t grammatically correct once I catch it I either let it slide or delete it and fix it. Granted I only have about four hundred followers, most of them will hardly notice my blunder. However on the other hand, Donald Trump’s 20 million followers do notice. In the article written by Allan Fallow, the tweets he displayed from trump that were misspelled were hilarious. How do you spell the word honored wrong??!?! How can the Department of Education spell such a historical figure like W.E.B Du Bouis’s name wrong? The thing that gets me the most is that twitter has a spell check and an auto correct function on it! Mr. Trump how about you take your father’s small loan of a million dollars and hire a proofreader. Or for God’s sake go back to second grade and learn some basic spelling and grammar rules. This delighted me because I feel like this represents Trump as a president overall. The uneducated think he is great and don’t notice the errors however if you passed third grade you probably notice them. Okay that might have been a little harsh. If you receive the honor of becoming the 45th president of the United States at least make sure your first tweet looks correct. *sighs* Only three years and ten more months left.


When we first were told we had to blog posts I didn’t know what to think. I knew that some people were famous bloggers and their blogs really had an influence over people’s lives. I didn’t know if I was nervous, scared, or excited to start my blog. The first few weeks I struggled with my blogs. What should I write about? How long should they be? What do I tag and categorize my blog? As the school year went on it was easier and easier, especially when Mr. Z began to gave us sources to blog about. It became less of an assignment and more of a time for me to sit down and just write. As the year went on my topics changed. The first month my blogs were about things like Bell Week and Homecoming and adjusting to Junior year. I blogged a TON about the election from October to January. I probably shared more of my political beliefs than a seventeen year old probably should. I also blogged a lot about friendships and school. I had two posts specifically written about goodbyes. Also I had quite a few posts about the holidays. Over the course of the school year so far I have 35 blog posts. Fifteen of them I categorized as delight. Whenever something I liked happened or I saw something that made me really happy I tended to blog about it. I have eight posts categorized as despair, same as delight, when something really bothered me I would blog about it. I have four investigate and five question. A lot of the articles given to us in class would cause me to want to dig deeper into the subject for example, the North Dakota pipeline. I have two Unite post which are as well mostly school related blog posts that related to me as a student and my writing. I am excited to continue to blog. Reading some of my older blogs to ones now I feel my blogs are longer, more detailed, and overall better quality. I am excited to see my growth. I feel like my best blog post was probably “Goodbyes” if I had to write a thousand word blog post, I would for sure like to expand on this one. Even though this post is over four months old I feel like this one was by far my most in depth blog.

Let’s Get Specific

Throughout my life I have never considered myself a detail orientated person. I never usually pay attention to detail. I think this is because my sister and dad are so detail orientated to me it seems border line OCD. My mom and I on the other hand have a more efficiency and productivity over quality mindset. I’ve always thought I’m a decent writer. I can produce a quality essay but have never thought of myself as the next JK Rowling. I never took the time to discover why is that? What separates JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, and Scott Fitzgerald? After reading the article “Let’s Gets Specific” by Beth Johnson the answer was simple. Details. Details are what separates the good writers from the great writers. I used to feel that in my writing I could use a little bit of imagery and that would work well enough in terms of appealing to the audience’s sensory emotions. This reading truly showed me the importance of details. Using details can turn boring, old, bland, writing into a magical,mystical,mysterious story that fascinates and hooks the reader. I categorized this blog as unite because I really do need to take the time add details into my pieces and possibly even my real life. When my mom asks how my dad was instead of always replying with, “good” what if I said, “it was spectacular, I woke up early enough before zero period to get a coffee, I got an A on my math test, I did super well on my English essay, my physiology dissection went great, I set the curve on my APUSH test, my chicken Caesar salad was so fresh and crispy it didn’t taste like I was having lunch at school rather a 5 star restaraunt,and my teacher recommended me for AP Spanish.” That would give my parents a sense of what was actually happening and my life and why I was so happy. I truly hope that this article does help me with my writing. I will do my best to pack my essay tight with words so descriptive you will be able to hear, taste, smell, and see my essay.

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Play Day

Wednesday was AWESOME!!!! The most fun I have had at school in a long time. Wednesday February 2, 2017 was National Play School Day. During second period we celebrated this by playing cards, board games, and even going outside and playing football. It really made me realize that sometimes you need to take a break and be a kid again sometimes. Play Day was right in the middle of my day so it was a nice “recess” if you will. Junior year is extremely stressful. I stay up late every night, I’m at school for at least sixty percent of my day, and I have tests every week. However on Wednesday when I was playing outside I didn’t remember that I had a physiology quiz next period. I forgot that as soon as I got home that night I was going to have to do a forty page APUSH outline. It was a time to play outside in the fresh air. I predict that many kids are so unhealthy and out of shape because they don’t go outside enough due to school work. Long story short, Global School Play Day was one of the highlights of my junior year and a perfect way to start off the semester.