It has been two months since I wrote my blog questioning Trump’s plan for education and Betsy DeVos intentions for the public education system. Since then, I have done some research and been heavily investigating the topic of Trump’s administration specifically his secretary of education. My main criticism of DeVos was that she has no background in education, especially PUBLIC education she sent all of her children to private school and considers herself an advocate for private schools. Recently Trump reached his hundredth day in office. The New Yorker recently wrote an article about DeVos and why she feels keeping track of the first hundred days is unimportant her reasoning, “it’s so darn hard to count to one hundred” The woman in charge of our country’s education believes that counting to one hundred is hard… Let that sink in. Another one of my concerns in my previous post were that everyone knew that Betsy DeVos was secretary of education. Secretary of education is a position I don’t know that much about and I couldn’t even name three of them. The fact that Betsy DeVos is already so well known proves to you that she is not good at what she does. People have more infatuation with memes about her than her policies herself. The SQUID device I chose in my original blog was Q or question. This is because now a days I really am questioning politics and the government. At the time I was questioning specifically DeVos and how qualified she is to be secretary of education a position in the cabinet of uttermost importance.  The answer I have found, SHE’S NOT! Why should a woman who sent all four of her children to private schools be in charge of the nation’s PUBLIC education. Beats me… I was reading an article on Daily Beast about a mother whose son is severely disabled but due to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act her son is able to learn in a non-restrictive, educational environment.  Her as well as many other Disabled person rights activists tremble at the thought DeVos being in charge of education. This is because she is pro charter and private school. Non-disabled kids will flood to these schools and they will receive more money than public schools. This will cause the public schools that allow disabled kids to attend to become poorly funding and lack the ability to provide the children with what they need to be successful.  (I’m sure they aren’t too fond of the fact that Donald Trump mocked a disable reporter as well.) DeVos has a strict Republican/ conservative view and refuses to even consider liberals and their point of views. She believes that schools all need to have guns especially schools in the forest to protect themselves from grizzly bears. She doesn’t acknowledge the fact that there have been dozens of school shootings in our country the last couple of years. DeVos and her billionaire husband have given billions of dollars to politicians who promote anti- public school sentiments. As a student, I feel my education is imperative to becoming a productive member of society. Being a junior, I worry about college and how I will pay for it, along with what will happen when I have loans to pay off.  DeVos has no experience with education AND economics and many say she will benefit from the Student Loan Crisis. This whole year I have really enjoyed blogging, it has made me find my interests and be able to expand on topics I like. This year was  a really good year to start a blog because of all the political turmoil due to the election. I have tried to expand my views and learn along the way and I feel like I have. So thank you Mr. Ziebarth for introducing me into the world of blogging!


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