Food Expiration

One in twelve people in the world are malnourished, one in four children are malnourished. These kids in third world countries AND even in the US would do anything to have proper meals and not go to bed hungry for once. The video we watched in class this week made me sick to see how much food we waste. The lack of factual evidence that companies had for spoiled milk and expiration dates were astonishing to me. Why are we wasting so much food?? Why does the FDA put such absurd regulations on when stores have to throw food away. And on top of that they can’t give them to homeless shelters. This might sound bad but if I was starving to death I would appreciate some stale crackers or even some spoiled milk. Just saying. I hope in the future when we start to run out of food we put less restrictive laws on food and expiration dates. Now excuse me I have to go drink some milk I bought at the store two days ago thats sell by date is today

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