The article from the LA Times about farming and the wage changes in agriculture was very interesting to me. Wages for farmers are shooting up extremely fast, however no one wants these jobs. I don’t blame them. Farmers make on average $30,000 dollars a year. That is less than half of what the average American makes. Why anyone would work in the hot sun all day on their hands and knees for hours on end is beyond me. But the reason they do is because they have no other choice. At first these jobs were taken by immigrants from Mexico who were happy just to have a job in the United States. Now with Trump as president it seems that they are too scared to cross the border. The article tells us about how since border security under Trump is getting tighter no one wants to cross into the US and no native born Americans want to be farmers. Not to be racist but I feel that Americans do think that those types of jobs are usually only for Mexicans and other immigrants. If I had to choose from working at Mcdonald’s or being a farmer I would hands down pick Mcdonald’s. They pay better and the work is way easier according to the article. So what really struck me about the article wasn’t the article itself but rather, the comments below it. Most of them were not sympathetic towards the farmers and claimed that over half of them probably voted for Trump and ” looks like Trump isn’t making America great again.” The very last comment at the bottom of the page was about why not making legal migrants work on farms. Someone replied, ” you mean OKIES don’t worry we will get back to that soon.” In Grapes of Wrath the Joads are referred to as Okies and they feel it is a highly offensive term. The Okies left Oklahoma and all went to California for jobs. The comment said we will have that again. Does that mean we will once again suffer a depression where farmers will move all over to find low paying jobs to feed their families? Most of the comments were anti- Trump and I wonder if this comment is saying that Trump will lead us into despair and crisis during his presidency. Most of the people who voted for Trump were uneducated and lived in southern states where farmers often live. Do the farmers regret voting for Trump now? Are the US farm owners struggling to find workers like how the Joads struggled to find work? The Joads would have killed to be paid $25 an hour, they struggled to find jobs paying 25 cents an hour.


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