Ever since hearing about what a zine was I am fascinated by them. They are actually very popular and after hearing our guest speaker Ziba come in and talk about them I realized they are slowly becoming a part of modern culture. They have festivals all over California and when I tweeted something about zines on Twitter multiple zine accounts favorited my tweet. This article about zines we were assigned could not have been more perfect for this week. When I think of teen rebellion I think of teens in the 80s and 90s who weren’t “cookie cutter” they wore all black, listened to punk music, and smoked cigarettes. This article explains that now a days teen rebellion is being “vintage.” When I think of vintage today in 2017. I think of tangible items not electronics. Zines are funny and informative and a great way to spread culture. Before the internet was around zines were how teens communicated and shared news. I don’t see why we can’t do that anymore. I think zines are awesome! In an era where fake news, cyber bulling, and catfishing occurs all electronically why shouldn’t we give zines and print a chance? What is the worst thing that can happen zines become the new Facebook? I can’t wait to start collecting and putting together my zine! I think that to be a good writer you have to do all types of writing. Making a zine will hopefully help my portfolio grow.

Image cc(http://viralart.vandalog.com/read/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2013/09/Avoid-Void-zines-Photo-by-Adam-Void.jpg)


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