Get Out

Yesterday I saw one of the greatest films I have seen in a while maybe even of all time. Get Out by Jordan Peele was interesting, comedic, scary, twisted, and psychologically mind blowing. I don’t want to go into details or give away any spoilers but her is the basic idea of the movie. A white woman and a black man are a couple and going up to the woman’s parents house in the woods. Chris feels some weird vibe due to the family having black servants and some of the racial comments made towards him. The next day the parents have a party with a bunch of rich white people and they secretly auction Chris off. The whole family is in on a scheme where they bring home black people and sell them and then transfer their brains into the black peoples body. That is all I will explain in order to not give away the ending. The whole movie is so racist it’s sickening but it was such a good movie. It was the first movie I’ve watched ever that has gotten a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Jordan Peele is a somewhat new director and I had only heard of him from Key and Peele. He is a genius. Although this is a little bit extreme and abstract he portrays racism as being scary. Which it is. This movie’s setting was not Alabama in the 50’s. This was in present day New York. So congrats Jordan Peele for making over 100 million dollars on a movie that only cost 5 million to make, receiving nearly perfect reviews, and creating a movie that portrays racism unlike any other way. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, why haven’t you??? 10/10 would recommend, Kennedy approved.
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