Trump Spelling

Deer, Mistar Precedent,

I feal that u as the precedent of the Unted State sould be abl to spll and right very good. The hole contry is conting on u 2 lead us and tach us.
The Whole Country

I found this article very amusing. I never thought about how spelling could effect something so much. If I am to tweet something that isn’t grammatically correct once I catch it I either let it slide or delete it and fix it. Granted I only have about four hundred followers, most of them will hardly notice my blunder. However on the other hand, Donald Trump’s 20 million followers do notice. In the article written by Allan Fallow, the tweets he displayed from trump that were misspelled were hilarious. How do you spell the word honored wrong??!?! How can the Department of Education spell such a historical figure like W.E.B Du Bouis’s name wrong? The thing that gets me the most is that twitter has a spell check and an auto correct function on it! Mr. Trump how about you take your father’s small loan of a million dollars and hire a proofreader. Or for God’s sake go back to second grade and learn some basic spelling and grammar rules. This delighted me because I feel like this represents Trump as a president overall. The uneducated think he is great and don’t notice the errors however if you passed third grade you probably notice them. Okay that might have been a little harsh. If you receive the honor of becoming the 45th president of the United States at least make sure your first tweet looks correct. *sighs* Only three years and ten more months left.


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