When we first were told we had to blog posts I didn’t know what to think. I knew that some people were famous bloggers and their blogs really had an influence over people’s lives. I didn’t know if I was nervous, scared, or excited to start my blog. The first few weeks I struggled with my blogs. What should I write about? How long should they be? What do I tag and categorize my blog? As the school year went on it was easier and easier, especially when Mr. Z began to gave us sources to blog about. It became less of an assignment and more of a time for me to sit down and just write. As the year went on my topics changed. The first month my blogs were about things like Bell Week and Homecoming and adjusting to Junior year. I blogged a TON about the election from October to January. I probably shared more of my political beliefs than a seventeen year old probably should. I also blogged a lot about friendships and school. I had two posts specifically written about goodbyes. Also I had quite a few posts about the holidays. Over the course of the school year so far I have 35 blog posts. Fifteen of them I categorized as delight. Whenever something I liked happened or I saw something that made me really happy I tended to blog about it. I have eight posts categorized as despair, same as delight, when something really bothered me I would blog about it. I have four investigate and five question. A lot of the articles given to us in class would cause me to want to dig deeper into the subject for example, the North Dakota pipeline. I have two Unite post which are as well mostly school related blog posts that related to me as a student and my writing. I am excited to continue to blog. Reading some of my older blogs to ones now I feel my blogs are longer, more detailed, and overall better quality. I am excited to see my growth. I feel like my best blog post was probably “Goodbyes” if I had to write a thousand word blog post, I would for sure like to expand on this one. Even though this post is over four months old I feel like this one was by far my most in depth blog.


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