Let’s Get Specific

Throughout my life I have never considered myself a detail orientated person. I never usually pay attention to detail. I think this is because my sister and dad are so detail orientated to me it seems border line OCD. My mom and I on the other hand have a more efficiency and productivity over quality mindset. I’ve always thought I’m a decent writer. I can produce a quality essay but have never thought of myself as the next JK Rowling. I never took the time to discover why is that? What separates JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, and Scott Fitzgerald? After reading the article “Let’s Gets Specific” by Beth Johnson the answer was simple. Details. Details are what separates the good writers from the great writers. I used to feel that in my writing I could use a little bit of imagery and that would work well enough in terms of appealing to the audience’s sensory emotions. This reading truly showed me the importance of details. Using details can turn boring, old, bland, writing into a magical,mystical,mysterious story that fascinates and hooks the reader. I categorized this blog as unite because I really do need to take the time add details into my pieces and possibly even my real life. When my mom asks how my dad was instead of always replying with, “good” what if I said, “it was spectacular, I woke up early enough before zero period to get a coffee, I got an A on my math test, I did super well on my English essay, my physiology dissection went great, I set the curve on my APUSH test, my chicken Caesar salad was so fresh and crispy it didn’t taste like I was having lunch at school rather a 5 star restaraunt,and my teacher recommended me for AP Spanish.” That would give my parents a sense of what was actually happening and my life and why I was so happy. I truly hope that this article does help me with my writing. I will do my best to pack my essay tight with words so descriptive you will be able to hear, taste, smell, and see my essay.

cc (http://images.insidejobs.com/posts/42/photos/original/7_Detail-Oriented_Jobs_with_High_Salaries.png?1372899219 )


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