Play Day

Wednesday was AWESOME!!!! The most fun I have had at school in a long time. Wednesday February 2, 2017 was National Play School Day. During second period we celebrated this by playing cards, board games, and even going outside and playing football. It really made me realize that sometimes you need to take a break and be a kid again sometimes. Play Day was right in the middle of my day so it was a nice “recess” if you will. Junior year is extremely stressful. I stay up late every night, I’m at school for at least sixty percent of my day, and I have tests every week. However on Wednesday when I was playing outside I didn’t remember that I had a physiology quiz next period. I forgot that as soon as I got home that night I was going to have to do a forty page APUSH outline. It was a time to play outside in the fresh air. I predict that many kids are so unhealthy and out of shape because they don’t go outside enough due to school work. Long story short, Global School Play Day was one of the highlights of my junior year and a perfect way to start off the semester.


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