Play. What is play? When we first watched the Ted Talk about play I was confused. Could this man really be talking about playing? Like little kids playing with dolls and scooters and running around the neighborhood. The answer was absolutely yes. This Ted Talk focused on the biological aspects of play. All young mammals engage in some type of play, it keeps them fit and helps them develop socially. In an age where technology is so prevalent in society it is no wonder that kids aren’t playing outside as much. In the Ted Talk it was explained that kids who didn’t play as a kid are more like to develop mental disorders and be suicidal. It never occurred to me as a kid that playing Barbie dolls with my friends had such an important role in my development into adolescence. It saddens me that kids today aren’t playing outside as much. Most of my fondest childhood memories involve me doing some sort of physical activity or playing with friends. I believe kids today should enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and being able to play and go to the park after school. Oh what I would give to play after school everyday instead of doing homework for four hours. Even seeing my four year old cousin be more interested in his dad’s iPhone than a bucket of Legos is appalling to me. I guess that with change in society come with changes in the youth.

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