“The Upper Muddle”

A few days ago in class we read an article by Lucinda Rosenfeld, the article was about where Rosenfeld’s place on the socioeconomic scale was and where it is currently. Her motive to write this article was the upcoming inauguration. Donald Trump frequently talks about his wealth and the one percent and Rosenfeld was wondering what life was going to be like for her in the upper middle class with Trump as president.

Rosenfeld had some statements I highly agreed with as well as some I highly disagreed with. Let’s start with what I agree with. Rosenfeld talked about growing up not so wealthy in a very wealthy community. She said that people tend to hang out and mingle with those who are the same as them. This I agree with, rich people don’t necessarily hang out with other rich people to be cliquey and snobbish but rather, because that is all they know.

Another point in Rosenfeld’s argument I agree with is that materialistic things don’t define wealth. Yes Rosenfeld’s family drove a station wagon growing up, however they traveled frequently and had lots of life experiences. Different people spend their money in different ways. I personally would rather drive an Acura and travel the world than drive an Audi and not have any good stories to tell later on in life.

I didn’t agree with what she said when she talked about her children. She claimed that from a young age children group with those in the same class as this. I disagree with this because when I was young I couldn’t tell the difference between a Toyota and a Mercedes. I believe that society tells us our place in society and we accept the fact and hang out with people like us. After all, birds of the same feather flock together.

You should not let your socioeconomic status define who you are as a person. You are so much more than the amount of figures you make or the kind of car you drive.


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