Women’s March

Yesterday was a day that history textbooks will write about for a long, long time. January 21, 2017 the day after Trump’s inauguration thousands of people marched all over the country for rights they think Trump will take away. In Los Angeles alone there were over 750,000 women and MEN fighting for gender equality, healthcare, planned parenthood, and LGBT rights. Every time I checked Twitter yesterday there were dozens of posts and pictures about #womensmarch. The posters both comical and informational made me laugh and realize the power of protest. Even trump tweeted about the protest saying he respected their opinion and heard them. Trump respecting something? That’s a first… Anyways I deeply regret not being able to attend the march in Los Angeles, but I have lots of love and respect for those who did march yesterday. This unites with the question exploration we are currently doing in class about gender equality. In the Great Gatsby gender roles are deeply defined. Today in 2017 not only woman are feminists who march for equality but men are too. Feminists don’t have to be only females. In fact there were tons of males and male celebrities at the marches yesterday. In a time where our country is so deeply divided it is nice to see people come together to make a change. I believe that peaceful protest can be very powerful.

picture cc(http://f.tqn.com/y/dc/1/S/Y/a/2/Protest-SpencerPlatt.jpg)


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