Jury Condemns Dylann Roof to Death

from “Jury Condemns Dylann Roof to Death for Charleston, S.C. shooting that killed 9” the LA Times

It had been awhile since I had heard about Dylann Roof and the Charleston that happened in 2015. However today when I visited the LA Times website the article about him being sentenced to death row was the first one that popped up. I can’t believe I could forget about the disgusting act of hatred committed in a church in Charleston a little less than two years ago. The article was tough to read with all the quotes from the victims family about how the shooting affected their life’s.  The concept of Death Row fascinated me I didn’t know much about it except for the fact that it was when you were sentenced to death. This article made me investigate a lot more about Death Row and facts about it. I researched so much I even began to watch videos about death row inmates final meals. It was very interesting, however even though Roof is sentenced to death it will be a while before he actually is killed. There are currently 62 inmates on death row and many have them have been there for well over ten years.  Another element of this article was the psychologically aspect. Dylann Roof claims he was not mental ill and he did not believe in the concept of psychology. This interests me because I feel that a patient who isn’t mentally ill  would be capable of saying that he is not which makes me question Roof’s motives for the killing spree other than racism. I looked up mental illness and death row and how they correspond. Most inmates on Death Row do not test to be mentally ill, however years in complete loneliness can take a toll on your mind. Most inmates develop mental illnesses, become depressed, and have suicidal thoughts. On death row many claim you lose your sense of purpose in life and if the physical toll doesn’t get to you the mental one will. No one will for sure know the fate of Dylann Roof but I speak for myself and many others when I say he deserves  the Death Penalty at the LEAST.


death row.jpg

cc (http://b.3cdn.net/ncadp/b0e439b1819ff47f17_uim6bx8bh.jpg)


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