False News

This week in class we were showed a picture of daisies and were asked if these pictures were enough to prove that there was something wrong with them due to natural disasters. At first I was dumbfounded and had no clue what this had to do with anything. Then we listened to a podcast about distinguishing real news from false news. In our generation social media plays such an important role in our life, some may even believe everything that is on social media. Recently throughout twitter and facebook people have been posting fake news acquiring money through the trickery of innocent people. The podcast basically talked about how we as a generation need to be more careful with what we read and believe. As an avid twitter user I see fake news all the time, some of it seems so absurd I don’t know how anyone could even think to believe it. However, this podcast made me stop and think, what if I am missing this false news, what if I am actually believing it and social media is brainwashing me to believe anything  I see online. The jimmy kimmel show does a segment called Lie Witness News where they go throught the streets of Hollywood and ask people their opinions on fake news articles. Most of the time the people go along with it, which has always alarmed me. Are we as a nation really this clueless? I don’t use  Facebook but my mom tells me all the time she sees people posting about articles that are obviously not true but according to that person they are. Especially with the election there are dozens of articles and conspiracy theories about it. To be brief, we as a society need to have this quality of awareness and not believe everything we see.





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