This week we had an assignment for English. The task seemed easy, but when I actually thought about it choosing the right person to interview was going to be a task. After a careful thought process I decided who better to interrogate and talk to her about my deepest feelings with then my very own mother. At first I had no idea what type of questions to ask her, do I ask her about her housing situation and relate it back to Mango Street? Do I ask her things I should already know about her like her favorite food, color, holiday? With the help of the StoryCorps Question List I devised a complete list filled with the perfect combination of different types of questions. Conducting the interview was fairly casual, we sat in her bedroom in our pajamas after  Black Friday shopping. As the interview went on the questions felt more and more heartfelt. Towards the end of the interview I asked my mom questions such as advice she had for the future and what she wanted her children to know. Some of the things I learned I would never have known if I had not have interviewed my mom. Some of the things my mom said made me tear up a little bit. So thank you Mr. Ziebarth, thank you Story Corps, and most importantly thank you mom.




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