Love Trumps Hate

This whole week has been insane. I feel like America is at war and there will be no end. In my previous post I talked about there should be a graceful loser in the campaign. Hillary Clinton was just that her speech was beautiful and she truly demonstrated being a graceful loser. This whole week you can’t go online or turn on the television without hearing something about Trump or how America is going to fall into an epic downward spiral now that Donald Trump is the forty fifth president of the United States. I can’t actually state for a fact that this won’t happen, but I guess we will have to see. However I’m not going to talk about what  I saw on T.V. I am going to talk about what Dr. Smith said at the end of fifth period on Friday. His short speech is my source for my weekly post. It was just so inspiring to me. I think what I liked about it was how random it was, it was when school was about to end and no one was expecting it. Basically he talked about how love will outweigh the hatred in the world and how life will go on. It was a very feel good way to end the day. I like how it was a little bit of a mystery. I know it was supposed to be for Veteran’s Day which has been sadly overlooked because of this election. However, I feel like it was a little bit of an anti-trump speech. I guess the school may never know. However what I do know is that I liked it and how articulate Dr. Smith spoke and how he addressed what everyone has been fighting about for days.


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