A Graceful Loser

Wow, election day is tomorrow. I haven’t been alive for many elections but I do know this election has been like no others. The candidates remind me of teenager girls  fighting back and forth calling each other out and pointing out the others insecurities. The article we read in class today by Mickey Edwards talked about the election and a “graceful loser”. It is obvious that tomorrow  there will be a winner and a loser, that’s how elections work, you don’t get a participation ribbon for getting second place in the presidential election.  Edwards says that he feels whoever is to lose on November 8th needs to address their supporters and tell them to put their faith and their hope for this country into the winner. Edwards questions how the loser will react and if they will lose with dignity or if they will be a sore loser. Should we as America be scared for the loser’s reaction? Donald Trump has already addressed that if he loses he will not be compliant and will not respect any choices Hillary makes. I am very curious, a man like Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have many loses in his life and this would be the ultimate loss. Clinton has ran two times if she loses can we expect a third? Edwards tells us that for the sake of democracy he feels he needs to loser to get their supporters all on one page with the rest of the country. So America, game on let us see if after this election we can all remain as a unit and keep living the “American Dream” of freedom and democracy.




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