Dia de Los Muertos

Death.. Death is such a fascinating thing. Its a concept that it almost unfathomable to me. Death is something people aren’t comfortable talking about. Death is that one thing you don’t bring up when your talking to someone at a party. Today as  I attended the Dia de Los Muertos festival in Santa Ana and it was the first time I saw so much, well death… The whole concept of death is embraced and celebrated at this festival, the Mexican culture looks at this day as not a day to mourn but a day to celebrate the lives of those who are no longer with us. The irony in all of this is that I went to the festival with my sister, my mom, and my dad. Earlier in the day my mom and dad went to a funeral, another way that death is embraced. However my parents said that the funeral was much more depressing than the festival. Not many funerals have papel picado, loud music, and amazing food. I feel that dealing with death the Mexican way is much better. Remembering the person who died in a fun festive way in my opinion is much cooler than wearing black clothes, singing hymns, and crying at a funeral.


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