Mango Street

Throughout the school year we have been reading the book “House on Mango Street” the first half of the year this book has confused me a lot. At first I didn’t like the disorganization, the long sentences, the bad grammar, and the chapters having nothing to do with each other. Reading it gave me a sense of panic and I felt like I had no idea what I was looking at. However the past couple chapters of Mango Street have been calming me down and easing my anxiety. Today in class we had a discussion about the language of the entire novel. One of my classmates talked about how the language is progressing as the main character Esperanza is maturing and growing older. I really appreciate how the author Sandra Cisneros can use such complex and amazing language to convey different themes throughout the novel. One day I hope to be as good a writer as her 

and master the art of using language clearly and effectively.




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