I just realized Halloween is tomorrow.  Wow, it surely doesn’t feel like my favorite holiday is tomorrow. I haven’t gotten a costume. I haven’t carved a pumpkin. I haven’t even watched a single horror movie. For the past couple years Halloween has not been the same.  I don’t feel the spooky spirit of October anymore. A couple days ago I saw a post on social media talking about how unfortunate it is when you grow older and holidays aren’t the same anymore. That tweet summed up all my emotions.  It really is a bummer but every cloud has a silver lining. You go from trick or treating to greeting trick or treaters and handing out candy to them yourself. I feel like the holiday is never the same until you have your own child you get to vicariously celebrate it with. It seems like just yesterday I was making jokes about waking me up when September ends as suggested in the Green day song. Now I am realizing November is in two days.




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