Throughout this whole week in class we have been talking about school starting later. The biggest pro to this argument of school starting later is that kids are more likely to get more sleep. We have read many articles, personal stories, and surveys about lack of sleep and what it can do to students. Around 90% of these articles are claiming that teens need eight to nine hours of sleep every night. I cannot remember the last time I got eight to nine hours of sleep on a school night. I average around 4-5 on a good night. In one of the articles we were reading it talked about all the risks of sleep deficits. They talked about different disease such as diabetes and also mental disorders like depression. It also talked of how kids these days are sacrificing their health for grades. I wondered, am I doing this myself? Do I really need to stay up this late to do homework? Most nights yes, I cannot finish my homework until 12-1 am. It is a combination of the boatloads of homework I have and the extra curriculares  I participate in after school.I need to start getting more sleep and my biggest goal junior year is to find a balance and maybe even get eight hours of sleep a night.


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