Class Dismissed

Today in class we read an article called “Class Dismissed” by Walter Kin regarding the issue of getting rid of senior year of high school. It talked about the possible benefits socially and economically of cutting 12th grade entirely. This article really got me thinking, what if this year were to be my last year of high school? What if junior year was it for me? What if I were to be off to college next fall? After reading this article I had an epiphany, I need to make every moment of high school count because I don’t have that much time left. There is still so many things I need to do. Now, even though our district is not going to cut senior year, I still need to make junior year memorable. However I am hoping my senior year is the best year ever. In the article Kin talks about what a waste is for students and how senior year is just a time to party and slack off before college. But for me I feel like it will be the exact opposite. I will be working hard even after college acceptance letters come out in the spring. I will not¬†“dumb” down my courses and let senioritis get the best of me. I guess long story short is that having a complete 4 years of high school is important so make it count.


cc (poetsandquants)


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