Story Telling

I just recently watched a Question and Answer video on Youtube with famous vlogger Casey Neistat.  Casey Neistat is a very famous and successful film maker who lives in New York City. During the video  he was asked, “What advice do you have for those young film makers?” His answer was simple but may have shocked some in the film industry. His advice, “don’t go to film school, take that money you were going to spend on film school and spend it experiencing life.” His reasoning behind this was that in todays generation you use anything to make a video, you don’t need to go to school to learn how to do that. He believes the best way to make film is to experience life so you can tell stories. The basic principle of film making is story telling. This idea goes along with the topic of story telling we have been going over for the past few weeks in English. This also coincides with one of my questions about stories that matter. My question, how am I supposed to feel when writing stories that matter?, was partially answered in Casey’s video. When telling your story you are supposed to feel as if you are retelling or relieving a memory or experience. Story telling is supposed to make you feel nostalgic because of the fact your are living through an old memory, recreating the past. storytelling



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