Why I Write

A few days ago was National Why I Write Day. During English class we read a few different articles about authors explaining why they write.  This led me  to ask myself, why do I write? All these writers had intricate poetic like reasons of why they write. I felt that my reason for loving writing was too simple, it was not complex enough to be that of a writers. The more I thought about it, I realized, I loved to write to express myself. I loved to write because it was an outlet for me. When verbal communication wasn’t enough, writing was always there for me. I have been writing stories since before I can remember, I remember typing up one page stories on Microsoft word and printing them out running around my house so excited to read them to my family. It hit me, it doesn’t matter the reason you like to write, what matters is that you continue to write and tell stories that make you feel good. For me, writing = happiness. As I’ve gotten older I have had to write more and more for school which has made me embrace writing more and not shy away from it. write


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