Hard work and Dedication

This blog is more of a piece of admiration than anything. Kara Winthrop is one of the most kindest, smartest, passionate people. Even though she is only seven months older than me I still consider her one of my biggest role models. Kara is on ASB, varsity volleyball, is very active in her church, and somehow manages to maintain a 4.4 GPA.  I really don’t understand how Kara sleeps at all. This Friday was our annual homecoming assembly and Kara is assemblies commissioner on ASB. This week leading up to the assembly waas when I  realized how much I revere Kara. Kara had assembly practice everyday this week She also had two volleyball matches this week and on top of that boatloads on homework. However leave it to superwoman to be able to manage it all. This week showed me how hardworking she was but also how well she could manage her time. As usual our annual assembly was spectacular due to all the hard work and countless hours put into bringing it to life.  I hope that throughout the rest of high school I can be like Kara, she is an excellent motivator. I also hope Kara gets into her dream school UCLA because she deserves it more than anyone.




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