Today my mom announced she had booked us a tour of UC San Diego for over Thanksgiving Break. My whole middle school I have always known I have wanted to go to an excellent college. I have tried to match these dreams by working very hard over the years.  Recently I have decided  I want to go down the path of majoring and acquiring a career in business. Throughout the years I have gone back and forth in deciding what my “dream school is” it is currently Berkeley.  I always question myself, am  I good enough? Where will I end up going to school? Is all the hard-work I am doing now gonna be worth it in the long run. My goal is to turn my dreams into realities and get to a point where my dream school becomes my real school that I attend for four years. I am a junior, I almost feel as if the clock is running out, I hope this year is the year I break through and prove to myself and everyone else I am good

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