A couple days ago my grandparents hosted a family dinner at their house. They said they had big news to share with the family. This worried me because of their old age and how their health was beggining to go. When my family went to the dinner they announced that they were going to be moving to Arizona in the summer. At first I couldn’t believe it. After a while I became infuriated that they would leave their whole family behind. Why would do they do this to us? What was the point of spending the last of your days in such a foreign state. I had a realization. My grandma had been talking about for months how she hated California and the traffic. I knew she didn’t want to spend the last of her life were she was miserable. It saddened me when I thought more about the topic. My grandma has always been there for me and taken care of my sister and me since we were babies. What was going to happen now? She has always been one of my biggest supporters. Would she come to any of my games senior season? Would she be at my senior night for volleyball? Would she come out for my highschool graduation? However despite all the negatives there was one positive. My grandparents would finally be happy again. Because they are happy. I am happy. I know next summer that goodbye is going to be one of the hardest things i have ever done. But I have to let them go and be free. I am sure that when I grow older  the concepts of goodbyes will become less foreign to me. 



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